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    JandJ Guest

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    I am posting this here as I have a post in the endo and PCOS section but no one seemed to know much about this. I have done a fair bit of reading and now know that this is a rare condition that usually results from a surgeon being too aggressive when performing a D&C. the uterus and/or cervix then swells and basically grows together and closes with scar tissue. I would like to hear from anybody who also suffers from this or who knows someone that does and what there prognosis was (hopefully nice stories!)
    Luv Linda

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    lisa-jay Guest


    One of my very good friends got you say, as a result of an aggresive D and C. I was also her doula and they "manually removed" her placenta, leaving behind bits, which is why the D and C came about.
    They completely steralised her, its taken 5 years to go to court (UK), they lost her notes, Dr's got moved on etc, total nightmare for her. Made much harder by the fact that she also now lives in Australia.
    Of course she lost her case, but its over now, she has a beautiful child and has since met and moved in with a guy with a big family.
    She hasnt completely given up, she has had surgery a couple of times and she tries every alternative remedy,
    She was very involved with the asherman support group in the UK and I'm sure has found some kind of support here too, I can find out details if you like, she knows a few women now with similar conditions and some do have wonderful success stories!!

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    JandJ Guest


    Hi lisa-jay thanks for your reply. sorry to hear about your friend and her bad luck. I would love to hear from anybody else who you know with the conditiona dn what they have done so far and if they have recovered, etc. I am also interested to know if they too have taken legal proceedings and what the outcomes were. Please feel free to email me personally.
    Luv linda

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