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Thread: Caesarean & Apronectomy

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    Melinda Guest

    Question Caesarean & Apronectomy

    Has anyone else had a c/s and an apronectomy done at the same time? Alternatively, has anyone simply had an apronectomy?!

    I was discussing this with my OB at my last visit and he is going to do one at the same time as my c/s when our little girl arrives.

    I'm just wondering how this will affect my recovery? Will I have more pain/discomfort (as if the pain/discomfort from a c/s isn't bad enough on it's own!) Does it make much of a difference appearance-wise (I'm hoping so!)

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    tiggy Guest


    Hi Mel,
    I haven't had one (wish I had) but I have seen one done and looked after the lady postnatally. It's pretty amazing. She had this vacuum thing over the wound to help her heal faster too.
    Her recovery was a little bit longer than a regular caesarean because the incision was larger and the wound greater but she did really well and was up and walking around by day two. She had a fair bit of pain initially but we found that if she had regular pain relief instead of pain relief when she felt pain (does that make sense?) then she was able to stay on top of things.
    Also, it DID make a big difference! She started the pregnancy a size 20 and walked out a size smaller!
    HTH and good luck

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    Melinda Guest


    Lovely Tiff........thank you so much for the information! (I was wondering whether you may have actually seen one of these done or nursed someone who had had one).

    Regular pain relief v. pain relief when pain is felt - yes, it makes total sense. Having suffered so badly with my back previously, I can vouch for that. At my next appointment, I may discuss this a bit further with my OB - i.e. what will be different about the recovery and the plan for pain relief etc.

    Goodness I hope I come out a size smaller too ROFL!!!

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    Melinda- I joking asked for a tummy tuck on the table whilst having my 2nd c/s and the doctor told me they cut away the old scar tissue and dead cells anyway. 3 weeks after having Wilhelm, I had a flat tummy again (im a big girl). No-one would believe I had a new born. Just ask who ever is in charge of the procedure mate.
    Good luck

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