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    Jun 2003

    Childrens Vitamins

    Do you kids take vitamins? If so what brand? Paris has the swiss formula, as I have found the womens formula works great for me and I can notice a difference in energy levels. The swiss formula for kids comes in 2 types, one is for children who are very active (it has a calmative in it) as often vitamins can make active children hyper (so it basically keeps them the same level) or the one for lethargic kids to give them more stamina. They also have an eccinacea & vitamin C supplement for colds & flu which is safe for children over the age of 2. We also use a chinese peadiatric powder for cold & flu for Paris and I find in comparison to her friends she recovers alot quicker from colds. We used to use the Herron Kids Multi but found it didn't really do much. Where as the swiss I find her appetite picks up.


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    hi cailin

    i didn't realise swisse make a childrens vitamin - my dh and i both take the swisse (have done for years - apart from blackmores pregnancy and breastfeeding ones whilst ttc and feeding) i started giving jay the chewable blackmores childrens vitamins (we call them stars - cause that is their shape lol) i figured with kinder this year and is tendancy not to eat greens lol the vitamins should help.

    i have found his appetite has increased and he is now eating his greens (co-incidence dunno) and also he got a virus/cold 2wks ago and you really wouldn't have known he recovered so quickly only had a high temp and felt tired etc for around a day whereas lani was out of action for around 5 days.

    so i think they definately help - maybe you could answer a question re echinacia - is this safe for asthmatics? i think i read somewhere it is not - don't know

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    May 2004

    I was thinking of giving Kimberley vitamins but never knew what was the best sort.

    Thanks for the information

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    Jul 2004
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    Thanks for the info Cailin... I had never really thought of giving Aidyn multivitamins when he is older, but it makes a lot of sense, especially if he is going to be a fussy eater.

    Can I ask... about how much does the women's swiss formula cost you? cause it sounds like something I need to be taking too!

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    Jan 2004

    I have just started my DD on the Herron vita minis for kids. I can't say I have noticed a difference in her appetite or energy, she has always been very active and has a rather healthy appetite. I have noticed that we have only had a small sniffle since she started taking them.
    DD won't eat anything that is what she calls 'fizzy'. Luckily these pass her non fizzy test!!
    I was told by a lady at the chemist they stock ones that are chocolate, which she buys and crumbles up in her daughter's morning milo when she is sick of the orange flavoured ones. Not sure what brand they are though.


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    Fire Fly Guest

    Ive just started giving DD kids echanacea (s) cold and flu with orange and vanilla flavour. Only because the last cold she got was a bad one that didnt budge for weeks. And i couldnt get rid of her fever, her sleeping was so so restless and she wasnt eating at all. Only icecream, lol.

    Ive noticed though since starting her on it that she cant settle at night. She wakes up hesterical and ends up sleeping with us so i can console her. Its like she has cramps in the tummy. She wont tell me whats wrong but in saying that she is to upset to talk.

    Coincidence or not????? Little bugger goes looking for them in the morning to have one. She thinks there yummy. I have to put them away tonight and see if it stops her unsettleness.

    Might try that swisse though. Do you get them from the health food store or Chemist?

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    Sep 2005

    Hi !

    We started Isabella on centrum KIDS last week and after 2 days of taking them she got sick! LOL She got the sniffles / cough and I thought it was rather ironic!!

    We also have a homeopathic powder for colds and flues and it is just fantastic!