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    Has anyone's child or does anyone know of anyone's child that has been allergic to Dymadon Suspension 2-12yrs ???

    Lachlan had a high fever for 3 days late last week that we used Dymadon as it was recommened by chemist (it didn't bring down the fever) yesterday he broke out head to toe in spots which looked very similar to the start of chicken pox, but they seemed to only be more evident when he was hot, if that makes sense. Today he woke up with more spots but the ones he had were no worse, and this afternoon he doesn't seem to have as many, which is making me think it was an allergic reaction to the Dymadon as that is the only thing "different" he has had in the last week. We usually use panadol.

    So if anyones child has had a reaction to dymadon before can you let me know if it was a spotty rash. I can't find anything on the net about side effects to Dymadon Suspension, only Dymadon forte


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    From what I can see, the active ingredient is paracetamol anyway, so it should work basically the same as panadol?? The concentrations are different though - Dymadon is stronger, which means the dose you give would be at least half of what you would give with Panadol. Maybe some of the additives are different, and he was allergic to those?
    Dymadon suspension additives are: Methyl hydroxybenzoate, sodium benzoate, saccharin sodium and sorbitol(0.35g/mL).
    Panadol suspension additives are: Sodium methyl hydroxybenzoate, Sodium ethyl hydroxybenzoate and Sodium propyl hydroxybenzoate.

    Because he has had his chicken pox immunisation, it could be that he is just having a mild case of the spots?
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    My younger two when they are sick come out in a rash over their bodies, usually it lasts for a few days. Apparently it is jsut the virus leaving their body. Not sure if this is that same as Lachlan's but thought it was worth a mention too.

    Hope Lachlan is feeling better now.

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