thread: fibromyalgia and pregnancy

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    Jun 2005
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    fibromyalgia and pregnancy

    Hi to Belly Belly moderators

    Just wondering if you have had any members with fibromyalgia (muscular arthritis and fluctuating chronic fatigue syndrome). I've been told by my rheumatologist that pregnancy should go well but have heard that women with FM have problems after the baby is born. Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

    Am enjoying this site! TTC 2 months now.

    Neeny xoxo \/

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    Hi neeny!

    I'm not entirely sure of any members with FM, but will keep a look out My mother has FM....but that was way after she had children

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    kirsty Guest

    I can't be of much help either, my Step-mum has FM too but it didn't kick in until a couple of years ago ~ so well after she had her kids.

    Hope someone is able to help you.