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    confusedegg Guest


    Has anyone been diagnosed with gallstones while pregnant?

    If so has anyone had them out during pregnant and or after birth?

    Thanks Chris

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    mooshie Guest


    not me personall but my sil suffered horribly from it - she thought it was just reflux (and so did her gp) and they both assumed it would go after birth. my mum was saying when they went to visit her after bubs was born that one night it was so bad she had to sleep sitting up in a chair all night. anyway when she went to her 6wk checkup she had another attack at the obs office and they called an ambulance to take her to hospital (they thought it was her heart) she then got them removed. sorry don't want to scare you - just want to make sure you are aware of it as my sil thought it was reflux and nothing much and obviously it got quite bad for her in the end.

    she is fine and dandy now.

    good luck

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    confusedegg Guest

    Hi all

    Thanks for the replies.

    Two weeks after twins PTL, was sent for scan, showing gallstones (had symptoms while preg). Dr thought reflux (even when scan showed stones!!).

    I had gallbladder removed last thursday and with NO regrets, gallbladder full of tiny stones and stone was found stuck in neck of gallbladder .

    They were only sand like grains, but heaps and painful... i recovered fairly quickly from operation. They done keyhole and had no problem.


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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hi Chris,

    When I was pg with Nicholas I suffered from an attack from gall stones when I was roughly 6 months pg although I didn't know that it was that at the time. A few weeks after having Nicholas I had another attack and had an u/s done to find about 5 stones in my gall bladder. My gp at the time told me not to worry that they would probably go. A friend of mine told em to do a naturopathic way by drinking 500ml of olive oil and lemon juice. I thought it cured them but when I became pg again with ~Matthew~ I had a more severe attack @ 9 weeks and ended up having to have it operated on and removed as my gall bladder became extremely inflamed.

    Like you I have not regreted getting it out and so far have had a nice and smooth pregnancy.

    Half your luck having keyhole surgery.

    Take Care