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Thread: GBS - Group B Strep HELP!!!

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    Exclamation GBS - Group B Strep HELP!!!

    I just cam back from my check up and got some test results back. The Dr said I had Group B Strep. Does anybody out there have any advice etc... about GBS. I have researched on the internet, but the different websites have me confused and quite frankly worried.

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    GBS can be scary - but its not necessarily as scary as some people make out. Just because you're positive now does not necessarily mean you will be positive at the birthing time. The Drs can treat you with antibiotics, and will also treat bub.

    I recommend talking to your DR about it, and not googling it, because there is so much rubbish on the internet you'll do your head in!

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    I've already moved this post to here: [url][/url], locking this one.
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