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    Hi all. I am hoping someone can advise me....
    I was diagnosed with GD at 32 weeks gestation. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant and have controlled it by diet and exercise. My original knowledge of the condition was that it goes away shortly after the baby is born. I have recently heard that it does not. Can someone lighten me on the situation. I am very nervous about having to deal with the condition forever. Has anyone had GD and had it remain after the baby is born or the opposite? Please HELP!

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    Hi there and welcome, mine went away, they said it might come back later in life.

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    I had it will all 3 pregnancies and was on insulin for the last 2. Mine went away straight after the birth. I was tested for 24 hours after to make sure things were fine but I didn't need insulin anymore. There is a chance it can come back later in life in you and your child but if you both watch what you eat and maintain a healthy lifestyle then your risk is the same as anyone elses

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