thread: Help me get rid of Gastro from my house!!!!!

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    Question Help me get rid of Gastro from my house!!!!!

    Ok ladies, i need some help!!!!!

    Thanks to day care (its not their fault, but thats where its come from) DD and DS have brought home a lovely gift!!! GASTRO!!! We have all had a turn, DH and I got it for the usual 24 hours and seem to be ok now, but the kids just cant shake it!!

    DD has it the worst, she has been randomly throwing up at night for a few weeks, like one night a week for the past three weeks. DS has been doing it to. The next day they are happy as Larry, playing... but poo-ing non stop!!! DS is TT thank goodness, but he has had one accident during the night a few wee's were he has poo'd.. ya know.. basic gastro!!

    But poor DD is the worst, every ten or so minutes the poor girl is doing the runniest acid poo!! Her poor bum is shocking (one bonus point to day care is that seem to be better at keeping the nappy rash at bay than i am!! ) She isnt eating, she is grumpy and i just dont know what to do!! I have been pretty lucky so far, this is the first real bout of gastro either of the kids have had. I am giving them vitamins coz DD is just not interested in food. (which is VERY unlike her) DS isnt too bad, but she just doesnt care.

    I guess my question is, if we go to the dr is there anything they can do or give them??? I have been considerate and not sending them to care as per the rules of no runny poos or vomits within 24 hours.. and they will be fine for a few days and then it just comes back!! This week luckily they have had sat-thursday away from care and i was hoping it would help, but for DD she has gotten worse since yesterday!!

    What can i do??? I have washed everything, we double bag all of DD's nappy's, i use gloves, change her on a towel and wash that, we are washing hands liek crazy but i am sick of it!!!!


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    Probiotics. You can get them for kids (and babies). Healthy gut flora is the only way besides hygiene to help protect against gastro.

    Things I do if someone is infected. Keep the antibacterial gel on hand. Make sure all members keep their hands away from them mouth at ALL times.
    Pineoclean wipes for door handles and light switches.
    Try and contain the infected person to one toilet (if you have more than one).

    Some other things please remember that someone suffering from gastro is still contagious for 24 hours post the last vomit/diarrhoea. People often assume that vomit = contagious. It's not so. If you still have the runs you are still contagious and will continue to be so for 24 hours post last vomit/diarrhoea.

    If everyone was a little more "gastro-smart" it wouldn't be so rife amongst our communities.

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    I'm no help girls but i think it is just the strain that is going around at the moment. DS is going to the doc on Friday cos he still is doing hideous poos and he had gastro before Easter. His bum has been so bad it was bleeding a couple of times

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    We have been the same way here. We're flying through 2 boxes of nappies in a week and DD2 is partially toilet trained.
    I bleach my toilet once or twice a day, thoroughly and just squirt some in after any vomit or runny poo episodes. Hand wash, hand sanitiser and wishing very hard for it to go away is all that I can do right now. With 8 people in the house I find that once it goes through the last person to get it, the first usually gets it back again. It's really horrible.

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    I'd have her tested for giardia

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    Agree 100% with everything rouge said.
    Especially about the hand gel & wiping door handles. Wash everyone's hands with soap several extra times a day. Don't share hand towels & definitely do not bath the kids together.

    Also think probiotics are a good idea and avoid dairy except for yoghurt and/or colostrum products which have a beneficial effect.

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    Great advice from everyone

    mine was going to be.... wash everyone in bleach, then boil them for a little while.. hire a cleaner to scrub the house..

    I don't think I am being helpful I hope everyone is better soon...

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    All good advice. Also bath them separately if you can. Empty and wipe over the bath inbetween. I would advise taking her to the doctor if it is still going on this long and she isn't eating. How is the drinking going? Is she urinating enough? Hold off on dairy for awhile as well. A bad case of gastro can induce short term lactose intolerance which will make her poo worse.

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    Thanks everyone!! I have some probiotics and started that yesterday for her!! She is still wee-ing and drinking plenty of water, but she has been having milk too, which we thought may have been making it worse!! I had been bathing them together, but we might do showers now- thanks for that tip!!

    What is giardia?????

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    Giardia has symptoms very similar to gastro, but it is a virus that hangs around much longer. I had giardia last year and it was horrible. It is more recognised as there are sulphur (egg smelling) burps involved. Just horrible. I had it for almost a month. Anti biotics clear it up.

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    Not sure where the 24hrs came from. But from my knowledge and what we did at work people are contagious for 48hrs after last poo/vomit. I guess that's why it's so easily spread because people think they are well and go back out into the world spreading it.
    It can also live on surfaces for quite awhile so disinfecting regularly is important.

    Hope they get better soon. But given it has lasted this long is probably take her to the doctor

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    We dump baths altogether when gastro is around, showers one at a time.. there is just no way they will have a bath and not get the water in their mouths. I don't use Antibac products at all (but i know i'm in the minority) just hot water and soap.

    ETA: and skip any dairy for while.

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    The gut is still sensitive after the worst is over. When re-introducing foods giving rich food can irritate the gut, as can foods high in sugar. Fluids are great - ice blocks, jelly, hydrolite (not that I can ever get my kids to drink that - I struggle with it myself!). Then you start on what my Dr calls the 'white food' diet. Bananas, white bread, rice, pasta, noodles, plain crackers etc. Nothing too fibrous and no dairy (except breastmilk if your kid is still feeding). We stick with this diet for at least two days after the fluid day.
    I find my kids can still get sore bottoms after the bug has gone if they've jumped into normal food too early.

    Plus all that OCD cleaning stuff that everyone else has spoken about - so important to wash hands often, not only after toileting.

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    Great advice from everyone

    mine was going to be.... wash everyone in bleach, then boil them for a little while..
    wash everyone and then boil them?????? ouchies, that would get rid of it for sure!

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    Thanks everyone!!!

    Touch wood i think we are getting past it!!! So far two days with normal poo from DD!!! I definately think the probiotics and laying off the dairy has helped!! She is eating more (probably still not AS much as usual, but she is eating!!) We are all washing hands like crazy lol I have been a washing freak as well, every sheet and blanket and doona and pillow have been washed in antibacterial wash and it seems to be working!!!

    Thanks again!! Lets say i was very close to grabbing the bleach and getting a huge pot of boiling water!!!