thread: Hormone testing???

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    Hormone testing???

    After a visit to my Dr the other morning he is sending me for tests to check out my hormones, plus cholesterol, diabetes & a heap of other bits & pieces.

    Anyway my question is do I have to go at a certain time in my cycle to get them done??

    He hasn't specified that he is looking to see if O has occured, just wants to check where all my hormones are atm.

    So if that is what he is looking for do I have to wait until CD 21 (or 7days after O), seeing as how we aren't specifically checking whether I've O'd or not, to get them checked???

    Thanx heaps for anyone who has any advice.

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    It dosnt really matter when you have the tests done. It dosnt need to be at certain time in your cycle as they work on averages with hormone levels, as in height weight and age. Your cholesterol does fluctuate but not periodically. and with a diabetes test they usually do a GTT Glucose tolerance test which takes 3 hours and 3 blood tests in a non pregnant woman (GTT tests both hormone and glucose levels) I was diagnosed with PCOS and had every test under the sun pretty much and i asked if they had to be done at a certain time and they said it makes no difference so dont be too worried just drink plenty of water before hand (if your allowed to) as it helps your blood flow better.
    Take care sweety
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