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Thread: HOw common is an allergy to oats or honey in kids

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    Default HOw common is an allergy to oats or honey in kids

    I have been trying ot rack my brains as to what is causing DD's facial rash (eyes/nose and around her mouth)... no where else.

    Yesterday when i got home from work she looked great. then i gave her one of my home made anzac cookies and within about 30-60min she flared up again.. so i am wondering if she has an allergy to the honey or oats in it.

    She has had oats as cereal on and off for the past 6-7 weeks and the rash has been present for about that long coming and going.

    I also cook with honey in my cakes/muffins etc.. so not sure if that is it(she has never had it straight on toast or anything only in bakes).

    Does anyone know if it is common to form an isolate allergy to these foods? where she is fine with gluten, breads, diary etc....

    this is all i can think of!!

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    What about coconut? That is a fairly common allergy and is in Anzacs. Have you ruled that out?

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    well i thought about the coconut.
    But the rash has been there longer than the past week (when she has had the biscuits). making me wonder if it is the oats or honey as i introduced them around mid-may (6-7 weeks ago)

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    maybe try smearing some honey on her forearm, and see if she develops a rash there? Else I guess try eliminating oats for a couple of weeks, then introduce them very slowly again? Same with the honey?

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    Oats is a reasonably low allergenic food. If you have been giving her brought, processed oats then it could be a preservative in them that is causing it.

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    The oats she has for breaky are the uncle toby's sachets and then i used raw oats for the biccies

    I didnt think of smearing honey... i might give it a go thanks

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