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Thread: I had acupuncture today !

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    Default I had acupuncture today !

    And it was fantastic ! I always thought acupuncture, yeah, yeah whatever but since I went off the pill last June (8 months ago) I have broken out with acne so bad on my back, my chest and on my jawline. Anyway I did tonnes of research because even though we are not trying we aren't exactly being careful and I have not gotten pregnant in the last 8 months either ?? So I went to my local Chinese Medicine clinic and the lady sat me down and she started asking me all different questions (and I had a little cry ) but it was such a release in terms of the stress I've been feeling with my increasing acne problem. Anywhoo, I had the acupuncture done and it did not even hurt a bit. This particular woman does acupuncture with Japanese needles which are apparently much thinner ? After I got up I felt like I had a deep tissue massage. So to cut a long story short the lady said she could definitely help with the acne, with straightening out my cycle and with my little "I don't poop too regular" problem. Oh and she gave me a special tea to drink 3 times a day. I'm so excited for it to work !!!!!

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    ooh I'm so happy for you! that's great! I have started seeing an acupuncturist/herbalist/kinesiologist lately also! she is wonderful and so so good at what she does and she also does the japanese needles! They are tiny aren't they and don't hurt a bit! Just a tiny *****! It's so good for your body....
    I am seeing my AP so she can help me fall pregnant basically but also to help lower stress levels and to relax more... and overall health! I always feel so relaxed afterwards for a few days.... I can't wait for my next appt! I believe in natural healing and medicine... its so special

    I wish you every success with your Acupuncturist appointments and hope your acne clears up very soon! :P

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    Good for you. Most people cringe when you start talking about acupuncture, but I am a huge fan. I have my first miscarriage in August 2006 and continued to have them so went to have ap and herbs as well. I got pg in my first month, he also cleared up my eczema. Amazing and powerful stuff, I love it too. I love the high on life kind of feeling that the AP leaves you with and it lasts for days.

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    Thanks girls ! Yeah I feel like I've stumbled across something magical Plus this lady is a specialist in fertility issues as well so double bonus for me. I can't wait to be growing and glowing I've given myself 2-3 months to get it all under control and reduce stress levels, have beautiful skin and improve my overall well being to create a healthy environment for a healthy baby and hopefully at the end of it all, get a BFP

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