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Thread: I think it's back :(

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    Default I think it's back :(

    I think my remission has ended and my Rhuematoid arthritis is back.
    ](*,) ](*,)
    I am disheartened and I know I have to be careful not to fall back into a depressive state but it's so hard. Life at the moment is busy so that is keeping me going. I just don't want to stop or slow down. I have begun getting nightmares. Horrible ones. That are not helping by my DS who has just turned 2 not sleeping through again. Goodness knows what his problem is, he isn't sick just keeps waking for an hour or two around 12:30am & 3:30am. Actually last night it was 4am.

    I can't even use my can opener again. It began with me starting to struggle with opening bottles, water, lemonade etc. Now tonight I would have made a Tuna casserole but couldn't open the stupid can. I have always struggled to a point to open jars and my DS copies with the noises I make trying to open a can, lol. Very cute but in a way sad. Anyway, packet pastas are my friend now, .

    I don't know why I am posting mostly just to winge. I hope we fall preggers soon as that was my only natural relief last time. I just don't want to go on meds while we are ttc'ing. I know which ones they would put me on too and I am against prednisolone totally. I refuse to take it unless it's for an asthma attack as that is a short course.

    So sorry to be such a downer and a sook, but arthritis is undescribeable unless you actually suffer from it. I was fine 3 wks ago, just don't know what I have done differently for it to re-appear. Could be the stupid weather changes.

    I think I need a hug! (said in a donkey from shrek voice)
    I hope I am in a better frame of mind tomorrow. I have a huge day of working and then an 80th b'day party that I have to pretend I am happy and in no pain. Ahhhh joy - not!

    I understand if people don't reply but thanks for letting me vent my frustrations here anyway, it's helped.

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    Sonia... can't find the words right now, but know that I know how you feel... One of my biggest fears is that I won't be pregnant before winter and will have to go back onto prednisone (ack! to the weight gain and mood swings!) and put things on the back burner for a bit.

    Praying that it is just the weather and you'll be back to normal soon... praying for a nice, clear unambiguous for both of us.


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    sonsangel Guest


    Awwww, thanks BW.

    I am feeling a little better today. I still have very sore wrists and fingers. They are so puffy and blurgh I could just fall in a heap and cry.
    But, I am staying positive and just going to take panamax unil at least AF turns up, and if she doesn't [-o< , then even better.

    I feel nauseated this morning and had planned to clean up a fair bit around the house, lmao. I really dont think that is going to happen. I hope my UCW business fires up soon so I can get a house maid come in and clean for me. Does that sound lazy?, haha.

    I am also [-o< we both get that clear and unjustifyable soon.

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    Aww Sonia, you poor thing. My heart goes out to you, I have arthritis in my hands and although it is not as severe as rhuematoid arthritis, I can totally sympathise with you. I found my arthritis eased when I was pg but was ten times worse when I had Nicholas. I am hoping it doesn't happen this time around.

    I really hope yours eases up and you do't have to have any strong medication/

    Take Care and sending you another BIG

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