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    Oct 2004
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    Does anyone else have lymphodema? It's a lymphatic system disorder which I've been told you're generally born with but often takes a injury or trauma to bring out (I hyperextended my right knee irish dancing a few years back and ended up with a cyst which burst and drained into my ankle).

    My GP is keeping an eye for any swelling in my legs during the PG; was wondering if anyone else had the condition and has found it to create any additional problems during pregnancy?

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    Bek, my mum is a long term sufferer of lymphodema. It was diagnosed while she was pregnant with my youngest sister (her 4th). She had a full term (4 days late) pg with a lovely healthy baby. As she was heavily pg during summer (LS is born early April) she did have some extra swelling in her legs compared to the other 3 pg and spent time with her feet up resting. Also a friend of mine has lymphodema and suffered with it during both of her pregnancies. Again both were full term, both were beautiful h&h babies and her only complaint was the swelling in her legs.

    Maybe if you Google lymphodema you will be able to get some more info. If you do this please be aware that all the info will also include worse case scenarios. 90% of people with lymphodema only suffer from mild swelling complications. The other 10% have varying degrees of different symptoms. Unless your GP is concerned about complementry symptoms do not even worry about it. I am not going to list any so that you do not worry as if you had them you would already have mentioned them to your doctor.

    Just remember whenever you can to plant your botty on a seat, and stick your legs up. You will be fine.

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    My aunt suffers from Lymphoedema in both legs, hers revealed herself during puberty and has make her life hell from then on.She was told by the first doctor, and this was at 13, to go and have a baby! That will probably correct it!
    She is 51 now and sadly has never married or had any children, her children are her animals and she is happy.