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    Hey there everyone!!!

    Haven't been on here in ages!
    Seeing as DP and I have decided to wait a couple of years until TTC, I thought it would be best for me to go back onto some form of contraception - also because I think it may help with this horrible severe, recurring thrush problem I'm having!!

    Question is - combined pill or mini-pill?? My cycles seem to have taken quite a while to get back to normal after stopping the combined pill last June. I think I O'd on my first cycle after stopping, but I havent been seeing much EWCM or anything the last few cycles. I thought the mini-pill would be good becuase it's a smaller amount of artificial hormones and maybe make it easier to TTC when we are ready........ experiences??

    Also , will my GP prescribe it to me if I have no particular medical reason to want the mini-pill rather than the combined pill?? I just want it so my body is as close to normal as possible and so that it helps my natural cycle when I stop taking it to TTC.

    Sorry about the long post - just after some advice!!
    Thanx girls!!

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    I'm pretty sure your GP will prescribe it to you.
    I think you still ovulate on the mini pill - infact I'm sure you do otherwise I wouldn't be here today talking to you

    I don't know whether it would help with the thrush though - did you get it while you were on the pill last time?

    Milo is 10 weeks old now, and I've had thrush since before I was pregnant.
    I can't get rid of it (so far) and have just tried 2 lots of 3x diflucan tablets, followed by 3x nilstat tablets 3 times a day. And I still have thrush.

    The Royal Womens Hospital in Melb have just given me some gentian violet to try. I'm going to see my GP on Monday to confirm againthat its thrush, which I know it is anyway, and thn will try the gentian.

    If you get an outpatient appt at a large public hospital (especially one that has a breastfeeding day stay program - as they use GV for nipple thrush) and you've tried everything else they might be able to get some for you.

    I hope it gets sorted for you soon.

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