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Thread: Minor abnormality in pap smear results

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    Exclamation Minor abnormality in pap smear results

    For those of you who don't know, i have had four operations in 8 months to erradicate my endometriosis. Two of them major procedures. After my last and final op, I was having my post op appointment with my surgeon in his rooms and i asked if he could do a pap smear for me, as i was due in August but as we are now going to be back on the TTC path again i thought may as well get it done whilst I am hear in his rooms.. no problems all done, leave his rooms with a big sigh of relief as he had given me a good report and all is good to now try and conceive naturally.

    Get my results in the mail today, and open them and read that i have to have another smear in 6-12 months due to a 'minor abnormality'. I know it is nothing overly serious and alot of women have this result come back, and as my surgeon didn't call me, and i know how very thorough he is, I am just worried if we fall pregnant it could develop into something dangerous.... I can't call my surgeon as he has since gone overseas for 6 weeks holiday, although i did ring his secretary and she said, if i am still concerned in a few weeks time, please call her and she will squeeze me in for an appointment on his return. I just don't know what to do, and I am so sick of procedures and investigations.. ..any ideas or experiences would be most appreciated...

    love leis xxx
    PS my biopsy form my ? skin cancer came back today from my GP, thank God it was all clear! At least something is ok!!!

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    Leis I hope everything is okay. I had something on my last one which indicated there had been some sort of change in the cells but they said it wasn't serious and just needed to be repeated in 12 months time. Is it possible you could see someone else while your surgeon is away? Does he have a stand in?

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    He does but i don't like his stand in, he stinks like dirty old cigarettes alcohol and smells like he stuck a big mac down his trousers... Dr Cooper will be back in 6 nearly 5 weeks and I guess I could just chat with my GP anyway, as he deals with sort of stuff all the time too. But I think it also more just frustration..... of having one thing done and getting the all ok only to have another kick in the pants.... iykwim

    thanks anyway melbo and i hope your gorgeous little fella william is doing just fine and having lots of shut eye for the sake of mum and dads sanity!!!

    Love leis xx

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