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    Well hello all just like to introduce myself. I am Diana I have 3 kidlets Jess 9, Jayden 6.5 and Jordan 4.5 Would love to have 2 more. Had my tubes clipped in 2003
    as I have a medical condition Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension and I couldn't take birth control and the doctor didn't want me pregnant until they had that under control so they clipped them Since then my condition has stabled So now it's time to go for it, hubby is not sure as he worries about me but the doctors have said as long I am closley watch they don't have a problem with it, only hiccup is that I will have to have a C-section.

    But even though they did it medically I still have to pay for the procedure which I don't mind. So just wanted to know about some good surgeons and costs involved, I have already seen the guy in Newcastle andhe was alright but want some more opinions. Oh I will also mention that I have PCOS and insulin resistance (pre type 2 diabeties) which are part in parcel with IIH I take metformin for the both.

    Sorry to ramble but I needed some answers Thanks.

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    Hi Diana, there is a chat thread about tubal reversals here. I'm sure if you pop in the girls can answer lots of your questions.

    Welcome to BB and Good Luck with your procedure and TTC

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