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Thread: Is it the pill?

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    Default Is it the pill?

    I am breastfeeding, and a few months ago started taking microlut, and started feeling a little sick afterwards, which I thought was wierd because it doesn't contain oestregen which the dr said is what caused my sickness/moodiness on normal pills.

    So I thought the fact that I felt sick after taking it may have just been coincidence, and thought I might try it again. So last night I took another, and this morning I feel sick. Is it the pill making me sick or is it just coincidence.

    Note, I do feel sick occasionally as the acid levels in my stomach are too high. I used to take medication for this. So it MAY be that.

    Could I feel sick from just ONE pill?

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    Well, I just read this...

    The major side effects of progestogen-only oral contraceptives are unpredictable bleeding patterns. These include erratic short or long cycles for your period or small amounts of bleeding between periods. Other unwanted effects may include nausea, vomiting, headache, breast discomfort, depression, skin disorders or weight gain. Although blood clots in the veins have been rarely associated with oral contraceptives, the progestogen-only contraceptives available carry less risk of blood clots and also heart disease than the combined (oestrogen and progestogen) oral contraceptives.
    So what was my doctor on about?

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    I had Implanon (which is the same thing but in your arm) for a year and I recall very similar symptoms for the first few weeks. I actually thought I may have been PG. It settled down ok though.

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    I was on Microlut too, just two months after Faithy was born, and I felt really sick for about a month afterwards. It settled down and now, almost a year later, I am off it because hubby and I have decided we may try for another baby. The only thing is, I am waiting for my period to return so I can get in cycle.... so far nothing. Have been for three weeks, I know it said two months, but I'm a little worried.
    Anyway, my hubby seems to think the best form of contraception is being pregnant.

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