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    has anyone else been diagnosed with polyhydramnios (excess amniotic fluid). I am currently 24 weeks and an ultrasound showed this, which can be indicative of numerous medical conditions in the baby. Undecided if I should have an amniocentesis at this time to check for chromasomal abnormalities. Given my history it probably wouldn't be a bad idea, but you are then faced with a possibility of preterm labour, or finding out somethng is wrong and deciding what to do about it!!
    Can anyone giveme some advice

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    Melinda Guest


    Hi Hayley,

    I'm sorry I can't give you any information on that condition, but I thought you might find this article on Amniocentesis helpful?

    All the best of luck to you.

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    Hi Hayley,
    Yes i had polyhydramnios when i had my first baby. Everybody saw my tummy coming before the rest of me. I also had cholestasis of pregnancy as gestational diabetes though. Because my baby was so large and my belly so stretched from all the fluid my stretch marks are horrendous. When i was induced they broke my waters and it drenched the 3 people that were standing at my bed head. They were like"Hell"-we should've had our gumboots on!They had to get a cleaner in to mop before anything else Although not so funny for me.

    Caleb was born 1 month early,and weighed 4275g or 9 pound 7. He had wet lung and went into respitory distress and was in nicu for 7 days.Not sure if any or which of the conditions i experienced caused his problems though. Amnio is a very personal choice. i didnt have it,but i think you need to have a firm stance in your head as to were you stand in raising a child with disabilities.

    I assist my mum,who is a disability care worker especially f or kids/teenagers,and that only encourages me to proceed.I believe that there are other test they do prior to amnio(blood i think),that give you an idea of the risk. 1 in 2,500,etc.

    When i become pregnant again(god it will happen eventually), i am expected to have the same complications.However with baby no 2,i didnt have the polyhydramnios. Just everything else. Regardless of all this it dosent dampen my spirit to try again..
    all the best. HTH.If you need me again please feel free.


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    Hi Pauline
    Thanks so much for your reply. I have had numeous blood tests earlier on in the pregnancy, and my risk for the Trisomy abnomalities were very very low, so it is unlikely to be any of those..there are however about 500 other chromosomal abnormalities that can be tested for via amniocentesis.
    I had the glucose tolerance test on sat, and in a way I am hoping it comes back positive because gestational diabetes is something I can manage a deal with and that will mean there is no need for the amnio.

    I just don't know if I could take the risk of goig into prem labour, when this baby is truly precious. They tell me the risk of prem labour is about 1 in 200. Knowing my luck though, I would be that unlucky one
    Thanks for your advice

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