thread: Popping Ears?

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    Popping Ears?

    Nup, not for either of the kidlets, but this question is about my ears.

    So I admit, for the last few days I've been a human snot machine . Two days ago my sinuses slightly hurt but they don't anymore - a good thing.

    On Saturday night at work I noticed while we were driving up a hill that my ears felt a light pressure and then it was a bit more difficult to hear what my work colleague was saying - I mean, I could still hear him, but almost at half of the normal volume IYKWIM?

    So I tried yawning to no avail. I blocked my nose and blew really hard and still couldn't unblock my ears - a bad thing (especially when I'm trying to listen to 2 different police radios, one partner, an offender lol).

    It took ages for my ears to unblock, but eventually they did. Ever since, I'm not as snotty nosed as I had been, I have to drive up and down hills on my way to and from work, or even when I get into some cars regardless if the windows are up or down - my ears go silly again and I have to hold my nose and blow to unblock them. It doesn't cause any pain, just a slight uncomfortable feeling - enough to bring my attention to my ears anyway.

    I've never had this trouble before. Is this something I should see a Dr about or should I wait until ALL of my snot dries up?

    (P.S - sorry everyone, I usually try to sound 'nicer' in my posts, but I've had a poo day ;-)

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    it's probably got a lot to do with your cold and blocked/stuffed up sinuses. My mum had a nasty cold a while ago and one of her ears was blocked for days! Very annoying especially when they won't unblock! Maybe take some chewing gum with you and try chewing on that to unblock them?

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    Between your middle ear and the back of your throat/nose region there is a connecting tube called the Eustacian tube (spelling might be incorrect). It's job is to drain excess fluid away from the middle ear and to equalise pressure. When you have an upper respiratory infection like you have this tube can get blocked. The trouble you are having is due to excess fluid getting trapped in this tube and causing popping and hearing symptoms. Firstly there is nothing to worry about unless you get an ear ache. Once the excess mucus build-up dries up the whole issue should stop. You could take some medication to help the "drying up" process but if I was you I'd just drink extra water, maybe take some extra vitamin C and do all the other things you do to get better from a cold. Lemon juice in water is said to help clear excess mucus. There isn't much you can do instantly clear the tube (and regain proper hearing) when it blocks... try not to blow too hard as the sudden pressure (I have heard it said anecdotally) can damage the delicate inner ear. Hope it clears for you soon.