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    SOme of you may be aware of a condition called Vaginismus.

    My question though is to those who are sexually active, what positions do you find the easiest etc for penetration?

    My husband and I are beginning to overcome my problem and we are hoping to be able to start TTC the natural way, rather than by other means.


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    I'm not really sure - I think it kind of depends on the couple ie the postion that suits a tall/short couple may not be the position that suits a couple that are both the same hieght. The missionary position might be good because you're face to face so it facilitates communication. If you're on top you will be more in control so you can keep things at a depth, angle, pace etc that suits you you.
    Maybe one of those sex books like The Joy of Sex might be usefull.
    If you ask for access to the AO section the girls who post in there might be able to help you.

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    who do I ask?

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    Just click on the user groups icon at the top of the page, then select adults only, then click on the join group button. It will take a little while before you are validated.

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