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Thread: Possible Crohn's Disease??

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    Question Possible Crohn's Disease??

    I am just wondering if any of you out there have Crohn's Disease? I have been having quite a few problems lately with my health and yesterday I saw a Gastroenterologist. He seems to think that all of my symptoms are leading to Crohn's Disease. I am having a Gastroscopy and a Colonoscopy in early August to see if any of my bowel etc is inflammed. After that he will hopefully give me my diagnosis.

    Just wondering... (I know it hasn't been confirmed yet) I would like to know how it affects you in your day to day life and what your symptoms are.


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    Some years ago my brother was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. We think he had this since about age 15 when he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He developed an absess he went from Dr to Dr and finally I suggeted that he see the GP that I was seeing. That GP sent him straight to hospital (thinking but not telling him that he thought it was cancer). My B had two lots of surgery one to remove the absess. They then removed the lower part of his bowel which was worst area affected. That was about 15 years ago. He is fit and watches his diet but he has had no further problems. It is hard as the severity of Crohn's differs from person to person. It is treatable and my brother has been well since the surgery. If you check out colitis and Crohn's on the www there is a support group and you can get further information there. It tends to run in families and both sides of our family have different types bowel/inflamatory disease. I hope this info helps in some way. Good luck and take care.

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    Thanks for the info jmmum.

    I have googled it and have found a few things but haven't really had time to read through any of it. I think I will take some time tonight and have a look. I'm the sort of person who likes to know EVERYTHING which can't be a good thing at times!! I'm so glad that your brother is well now, a girl I know has it and she has been very ill. The Dr kept referring to bowel cancer but thinks that I am too young for that so he has ruled that out unless he finds otherwise when he is having a look around.

    Do you know why he has to watch his diet? The girl I know has to watch her diet too but I just don't understand what it is you have to stay away from etc?! Sorry, I have a billion questions buzzing around my head at the moment!

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    My B just reduced dairy as this is suggested with most bowel disease. He does tend to get cramping gas and bloating with dairy and junk ( fatty foods) so avoids these. I would not say that the diet he follows is at all restrictive it is simply healthy. Fire away with the questions I know people other than my brother that have Crohn's and some of them have been very unwell but as I said the severity varies. When my brother was first unwell he lost so much weight you could see every bone in his body he was down to about 30kg! PM me if you like I will try to answer as many questions as I can. It is a bit of a iky condition as is most bowel disease.

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    I have Ulcerative Colitis, So i can answer some of questions.
    Diets- Usually you would only go on a restrictive diet if your have a really bad flare up.
    Even then I've only been on it once & that was because i was hospital after being first diagnosed .
    Otherwise you can eat what ever you want, you learn to avoid the foods that aggravate it.

    Depending on how bad your flare-up is will depend on much it affects your life.
    When your in remission you'll forget your even sick.

    What symptoms do you have?

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    My hubby has been seeing a gastroenterologist for some bowel issues. Dr thought that it could be Crohns so organised for him to have a colonoscopy.. He had the symptoms of Cohns disease but his bowel looked normal on the colonscopy. Dr said it was irritable bowel. He is now on some medication for it and needs to eat foods with low fibre. The excessive fibre was causing his problems.

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    i have been diagnosed with crohns for 15 years so feel free to ask me aney questions if you wish . as for affecting your day to day life then i have to tell you it does when you are having a flare of the disease but you can learn how to mannage and live with it if you have the right meds and keep an eye on your diet (you will find out what affects you as you go on as evreybody is diffrent) i am 30 now and work full time i have had a few operations but my cd is now conttroald well i do have my bad days but i have learnt to adapt my life to this

    good luck

    jems x

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    I have a friend who has crohn's disease and he was really sick for a long time with it. He doesn't have any dairy now - i know that much.


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