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Thread: Psoriasis - help for sufferers...

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    I have had bad psoriasis on my arms and legs for years now and have not found anything that reduces the symptoms or completely gets rid of it at all. My sister has the same and we have been tested for allergies, seen dermatologists etc and basically told to live with it. It is not sore or itchy generally but my arms look continually sunburnt (people comment on it!) and have raised spots all over.
    I am posting because I have found something that really helps called Natural Instinct. They have a range of creams, shampoo, conditioner, soap etc and since using the body wash the redness has virtually left my skin and my arms are so smooth, I cant believe it! It is only available in chemists ATM, it is not too expensive, you can buy small sizes which is probably better to test if it helps first. My MIL also had a bad scalp and by using the shampoo it is completely gone!

    Hope this helps someone...

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    I have psoriasis, so I'll have to look into some of that. ATM I use nutrogena shampoo and conditioner for it.

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