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thread: Questions about Clomid

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    Melinda Guest

    Questions about Clomid


    Clomid is a brand name for Clomiphene Citrate, an ovulation inducing fertility drug. In Australia another brand, Serophene, is often prescribed. This is the same thing as Clomid. Clomid is often prescribed for women who do not ovulate or who ovulate irregularly. It can also be used to correct a Luteal Phase Defect.

    Clomid works by increasing the production of FSH (the hormone which causes the ovaries to produce follicles). It is taken for 5 consecutive days early in your cycle and you must be sure that you are not pregnant before taking it. Your doctor will tell you which days and what dosage to take. After taking Clomid you should have follow-up consultations with your doctor throughout your cycle to check on your progress by using ultrasound and/or blood tests. From these your doctor will be able to tell you when you will ovulate. If the Clomid is going to work, most women will get pregnant within 6 cycles.

    A variety of side effects can be experience whilst taking Clomid but some women do not experience any. Some of these side effects may include nausea, tiredness, headaches, moodiness, decrease in cervical mucous, a thinner uterine lining, hot flushes, ovarian hyperstimulation, and bloating. You should always speak to your doctor if you are concerned about the side effects that you may be experiencing.

    There is also a small chance of becoming pregnant with multiples when taking Clomid - approximately a 5% chance of twins. Higher order multiples are much rarer.

    We hope this has answered some of your questions about what Clomid is and why it is used. If you are taking Clomid, please feel free to join in the Trying to Conceive & Taking Clomid and/or Metformin thread which is found in the Conception - TTC Buddies Forum.

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    DJ Guest

    Time of Day

    Was wondering if anyone has any insight to when best to take clomid. I am about to start taking my second round of clomid (tonight) and just wanted feedback. Last month I took it in the morning and was in tears for the majority of the day and extremely fatigued (besides some other minor side effects) but I don't know whether it was a direct affect of the drug or the fact that I have to take the little blighters if we want to have a baby.
    I have thought to trial it at night and wondered if anyone else has played around with the time of day to take them to reduce the effects a little.

    Also thank you for starting up this thread for the clomid questions. It is a wonderful idea and I look forward to communicating with others going through the same.


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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Deborah

    I took my first cycle of clomid in the morning then with the second cycle in the evening.It lessened the side effects greatly for me.ALso on my first cycle I took them days 2-6 then second cycle days 4-8 and it worked!

    I hated the hot flushes the most!!!!!!!!


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    rosro Guest

    Clomid side effects

    Hi Deborah,

    I'm in the middle of my first course of Clomid. My OB has started me on a really small dose (25mg daily), and consequently, I've not had too many side effects. Have been taking them in the morning, but I've also heard that taking them in the evening lessens the side effects. I've also been a little teary, but I reckon alot of that is just thinking about having to take a rotten tablet in order to conceive!!


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    DJ Guest

    Hi Kirsty and Rosro,
    Thanks for your replies. I have just put a posting in the clomid discussion about hot flushes.
    Don't know whether I am truly experiencing them or not. Being such a cold person (and that doesn't mean heartless) it is so unusual for me to get hot. But this week I have been overcome with these hot spells where I have to find a way to cool down. So funny...particularly for DH. He thinks taking my clothes off mean I must be ready.... "No I am not ovulating I am just hot". hehehe.
    Actually enjoying this experience with the clomd.....it has made be so more intuned with my body. But I just wish I didn't have to do this just to have a baby....

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    amacdonald Guest

    I am 10 weeks pregnant according to my ultrasound after 6 months on clomid The problem is is that I had a bleed only 7 weeks ago which suggests that I could have been pregnant when I took the clomid last. Do you know what effects this might have on the baby?

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    kristb Guest

    Hi there just a new user to this website and very interested in this question or the answers you may receive.. I am on clomid hopeing to fall pregnant but it's hard to know to stop it when you dont know if you are preg or not. Still learning how and where to go and cant see any replys to your message? have you had any. Congratulations on yor pregnancy!

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    amacdonald Guest

    No I didnt get any replies to my thread. I did ask my dr about it though and she said that even if i did take it whilst i was pregnant it only stimulated the folical so it shouldnt have any effect. I gave birth almost 2 weeks ago to a healthy baby boy . I think it is better to take a pregancy test before taking clonid each month though to be sure. Best of luck with it all.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    Congrats on the birth of your healthy baby boy amac!

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    kristb Guest

    Thanks so much for the reply! Was something i was wondering a bout and was keen to find about what your thread reply may have been.
    Congrats on your healthy baby boy, how exciting!!
    Will keep trying and hope the clomid works well and and we fall pregnant this month.

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    possum5874 Guest

    Good Evening

    This is my first time using a chat site like this so i'm a little nervous, i have been subscribed by my doctor to take Clomid, i will be taking it for the first time, i'm a little confused as to when to start taking Clomid as my cycle is up to 34 days and i have some spotting, but should i take the tablet in the spotting section or the full menstral time of my period, ( i have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative), as i want to maximise my best chances of falling pregnant.

    Regards Possum

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    Hi possum, I really don't know the answer to your question, but I think you should check with your GP to be sure. Gee, that makes it a bit tricky. My cycle lengths vary between 30 and 43 days but I don't get spotting. I know my OB wants me to take mine in the morning from the 2nd day of my period.

    I have done one cycle of clomid and have 2 more rounds from my next period to take.

    Wishing you all the best!!

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    possum5874 Guest

    Thank you for responding to me yes i have checked with my local doctor and he recommends from the normal menstral cycle, fingers crossed it works.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2006

    Fingers crossed here for you

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    Registered User

    Feb 2006

    I took clomid for almost 13 years, It resulted in 4 pregnancies in that time 1 misc 10w 1994, 1 incomp misc (delivery) 17.5w 1998, one live birth emerg c 38 weeks 2003 & misc 10w 2006 persistant trophoblastic disease 3month chemo treatment, now 16m remission. I cannot take clomid any more due to high chance in developing ovrian cancer. Taking clomid more than a 3 month cycle can trigger gyno cancers due to hormones. I turned 39 yesterday and was in hospital with pnemonia, Id wouldnt like to think that my chances of conceiveing natuarally have dimminished, but never have conceived without help before.

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    Marti C Guest


    I started taking Clomid for the 1st time in January. I took the Clomid fron days 5-9 as advised by my Endo Specialist. Today is day 36 of this cycle and still no period. I had a blood test yesterday which came back negative today . Has this happen to anyone else??? I don't know what to think.

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    Dezzy120 Guest

    I took clomid one cycle due to the fact the doctor diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries anyway no luck was prescribed the second month but i forgot to get pres filled so the next month before the doctor prescribed them again i had a test done where they run dye through the tubes it took a while for the dye to run through my right tube but the doctor said it could have been mucas are something so the doctor did clomid again the following month and i got pregnant and my egg was realeased on my right side where it took longer to release the dye but anyway i m/c at 5.5 wks so this time im believing the lord is going to do it without the medication

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    I have just finished all my tests to make sure I am OK to start Clomid. I rarely get periods so am not sure what days would be best to take it, does anyone have an ideas? I am yet to meet with my specialist.

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