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Thread: Recovery after gall bladder surgery - how long.

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    Default Recovery after gall bladder surgery - how long.

    OK so I finally have a date for my surgery to remove my gallbladder. How long did it take you to recover from the surgery? How long did you have to with before you could start going to the gym or swimming again?

    I will be talking to my surgeon next week, and the am booked in for surgery on the 30th, and I am a bit worried about recovery. It is supposed to be keyhole surgery - unless something goes wrong. DH is taking that whole week off work to look after the kids, will that be enough? (will actually be about 9days in total with the weekend).

    Also 2 weeks after my surgery I am supposed to be going away with work - I WANT to go. I would just be sitting down all day, nothing actiive. Does that seem like a realistic expectation of myself?

    And I am concerned about getting backk into the gym. I have only recently started back at the gym, and I don't want to stop, but I know I will have to. I am just uncertain what I should be expecting from myself.

    I know there are other threads on gallbladder removal here, but honestly, I have kinda surprised myself with just how scared and nervous I am about it all and the recovery in particular since getting the phone call this morning caying I now have a date. I guess I was so used to 'waiting' for surgery, I never actually expected it to come around though, and now suddenly it's here in just 10 days!

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    I would definately allow 2 weeks before going back to gym!!! Maybe even a little longer!

    You will be fine to go away with work!! I found the first week the hardest but mind you I wasn't taking the pain medication either or panadol I just rode it out so wasn't that painful!! The worst part is the bloat from the gas from surgery which you TMI *fart* our lol!!

    Mind you the girl I work with had hers out and was back at work the 2nd week so everyone is different And she's a beauty therapist so you should be pretty fine!!

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    Recovery is very individualised. you will go home the day after surgery. you will probably go home with voltaren. You should be fine and back to normal activities within a week. I would avoid swimming until after your surgical review (usually 2 or so weeks after your surgery). This will give your wounds time to heal and reduce the risk of infection.

    You should be able to return to gentle cardio work at the gym after 7-10 days (play it by ear) and weights 2-3 weeks after. But of course, discuss this with your surgeon and remember that it WILL depend on your recovery.

    Do you have any other questions or fears you want to discuss?


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    I had emergency surgery but had to be in hossy for 3 days prior and 2 days after as it was a very bad case and I was in alot of pain! That being said - I was good as gold about 4 days after - I would stilltake it slow but I was able to lift DD and do most things - I got tiered late in the day but thats about it. I had the week after my op off work but really I could have gone back (only 2 days a week).

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    When I had mine done, the recuperation was less about wound pain and more about getting over the took about 2 weeks to really get back to normal, but during that second week I was still tired and needed to rest more. 9 days sounds like a good stretch to have DH home, I think I had mine for the better part of a week, and was able to manage ok after that. Try not to fret too much, as surgery goes this is pretty minor provided it's the keyhole scenario.

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