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Thread: Ringworm in Pregnancy

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    Hi Gals

    Found this site the other day and was blown away - very cool. My husband and I are on our first course of Clomid and at day 28 so eagerly awaiting a result for this month - fingers crossed.
    I do have one question. I work with cats and today one of my staff presented with ringworm. She handles animals in a number of different environments and none of our cats have presented. Anyway tonight I noticed a mark on my stomach - which is ringworm (have seen it a couple of times so am fairly sure). Anyway my question is does anyone have any info re ringworm in pregnancy? Have been searching the web and all I could find was what I already knew about cats and text saying best not to get it while pregnant!

    Looking forward to any feedback



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    Hi Cory, welcome to BB.

    All I can suggest is go to the chemist in the morning and see what they can recommend. From memory (which is a bit vague at this time of night) I had a fungal infection on my arm when I was pg with DS and I got some cream which cleared it up, no problem. Not sure it it was ringworm as such, but they're basically treated the same way.

    Good luck and fingers crossed for a BFP (BIg Fat Positive!)

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    Thanks for this Rachel - much appreciated - will visit the chemist today for advice



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