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    audrey Guest

    Default salicylic talc

    Does anyone knows whether it's safe to use salicylic talc while pregnant?


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    Hi Audrey

    I'm not sure about the talc but salicylic acid (which is the chemical in the talc you are talking about) should not be used during pregnancy. So I would suggest not using salicylic talc

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    Sorry to hijack this, but does this mean you can't take aspirin during pregnancy? That is what aspirin is made of.

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    Melinda Guest


    You shouldn't take asprin during PG unless it has been specifically prescribed for you by your Doctor or OB. Some women have a blood clotting disorder which requires them to take a small dosage of asprin but they are closely monitored by their Doctor/OB.

    Asprin thins the blood, therefore helping with blood clotting disorders.

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    audrey Guest

    Default : )

    Thank you everyone!

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