Hi I'm adding to my list of health dramas and woes but (most likely because of pre-existing Hypermobility) I have developed SPD (Sympathis Pubis Disfunction). For those of you who aren't sure this is a very similar condition to OP (Ostio Pubitis... the in cool compl,aint for all the footballers atm). My symptoms included not being able to stand up from a sitting position, difficulty getting inot and out of the car, having to do tiny baby shuffle steps to walk, not being able to get out of bed and agony.

Ob sends me to the physio... physio sends me to the chiro... 24 hours later I can walk... so fo me the best cure is a weekly visit to the chiro. It has been a godsend and without it I am sure i would be stucking in bed unable to move.

Does anyone else have any advice or remedies that work/worked for them?

Also for those who have btdt how did the SPD impact on labour and were there any complications afterwards?