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    I had in late November a procedure that has virtually stopped my heavy periods and thought I'd share it. I can't remember the name for the condition where your periods are so heavy but my GP/OGN said that using a super tampon and maternity pad and still leaking wasn't good. As I already has by tubes tied, I had a Novasure Ablation which has been fab. Periods are so light it's hardly noticeable. No bloating and less PMT. Boobs getting a little tender about 10 days prior but they also get bigger - hey at a 34A gotta love that. It's a fairly new procedure - maybe 6 months old but has been very successful o.s.
    If anyone else has had one let me know how it's gone.

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    Ooooooh sounds good I think mine are calming down finally but if it continues I will look into it.
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    I really hate my AF it can come anywhere from 23 day to 28 can last 2weeks first 5 day real heavy like day one flooding, I have to use CYKLOKAPRON to stop it but it work.
    but it is $50 per bottle.I have only been like this since I had my tubes clamped.

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