My 2 year old son had a slight fever a few days ago which I brought down with panadol and he was fine. Then about 1 day later he got a rash, He gets rashes from dust and other stuff so I gave him some of his allergy medicine and left it at that. (I always test his rashes with a glass just incase of meningits)

So 2 days ago I had a temperature of 38 degrees c (100.4 f) And a headache & felt weak and achey like with a flu. The next day I had the sorest throat (still do) Then today my hands sorta felt sunburnt and I have a rash on the backs of my hands and up my arms and legs ..

I've never heard of it before. I just typed the symptoms into google. I'm planning on calling the drs first thing in the morning.

Also, my daughter is almost 4 weeks old is it bad if she were to get it?