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Thread: Stupid swollen feet!!!

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    Default Stupid swollen feet!!!

    I had 3 pg's with out looking like a puffer fish, I actually lost alot of weight with them, then pg number 4 I has huge and puffy towards the end. I remember my thongs cutting into my feet badly and now their baggy again so to speak.

    My problem now is...2 1/2 years on my feet still swell. I had an GA on monday and im still suffering from having swollen feet. I absolutely HATE the tingly feeling that comes with it, im quiet active and yet as soon as I sit for longer then 10 mins..hello tingles and swelling.

    Is there anythign that could cause this? Its driving me insane

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    I get tingling from sitting...poor circulation???
    Or a nerve in your back maybe?? Maybe see a physio ??

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