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Thread: thyroid probs...

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    Sweetie Guest

    Default thyroid probs...

    I had a M/C at 12 weeks due to an underactive thyroid. Has anyone else had this same problem? (With my 2nd pregnancy out of 4)

    I'm now on Oroxine forever.

    How has your dr dealt with you having an underactive thyroid?


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    Hi Mary,

    First of all I am so sorry for your loss.

    I had an underactive thyroid for 15 years. (I am not sure if it is still underactice as I haven't been back to get it checked.) I was on Neo Mercazole for about 10 years I think. I was naughty and stopped taking them oneday.

    I have suffered from 2 m/cs (one was due to an operation I had @ 9 weeks which in turn gave me an infection that caused me to lose our baby, thats a whole other story) With the first m/c (a missed m/c @ 10 weeks) I am not sure whether it was caused by my thyroid or not. The drs never told me.

    I can't really see any reason why you wouldn't become pg again and give birth to a healthy baby, I did and am pg again.

    Are you seeing a specialist?? If not go and see one and then I would suggest is go and see your dr and discuss with him/her that you are thinking of TTCing and wheter that medication is ok if you do fall pregnant and see what suggestions thye have for you to prevent another m/c.

    Good luck and I hope you have some good news soon. Oh and when you do decide to TTC again, please come and join the girls in the TTCAML forum. I know your will recieve loads of support there.

    Take Care

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    Sweetie Guest


    Hi Kazz

    Thanks for your reply, sorry about the delay, I've been extra busy over Chrissy.

    In the future I'll have to have my thyroid scanned again, but in the mean time I have to keep taking the tablets.
    We're thinking of trying for #4 some time this year, the Doc said my thyriod shouldn't be a problem. I had one baby then the m/c then two more babies after my M/C, I was on tablets the whole time and didn't have any probs then. so it should be ok.

    I think my biggest prob is my weight (I'm 100kg) I'm going to be working on that as well, I'd like to get down to at least 85-90kg before falling pregnant, I'd rather just get pregnant now really, but I think my dr would be peeved because I'll be having a ceaser, I think they'd like me to be a little bit trimmer.

    Anyway, things have a way of working themselves out.

    Sorry for your loss too. It's so sad a fustrating when you m/c.

    Congrats on your pregnancy, I hope all goes well with you . I'll join TTCers when I decide to TTC again, you take care.


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    Hi again Mary,

    Thats good that the tablets you are on will be ok to take when you do become pg again.

    I meant to ask you last time did your dr say what size your thyroid was to a "normal" one?? I was told mine was 3 times the size of a "normal" thyroid and at one stage they thought I may have to get it reduced., by getiing 3/4 of it cut out!

    Good luck with trying to lose weight but don't despair if by some chance you don't lose a lot. (not saying you won't) I have gained quite a lot of weight and my OB and drs never had a problem with it when we were TTCing.

    Thank you for the congrats, hopefully one day I will get to return the congratulations to you.

    Take Care and if you ever want to chat you can always email me.

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    Sweetie Guest


    Hay Kazz

    Congrats on your pregnancy \/ I hope all goes smoothly for you.

    My dr is waiting on results from scans that I had taken on my thyroid about 6 years ago, so he can see how much my thyroid has grown since then.

    It is enlarged now, but if it hasn't changed since then I don't think anything will be done, we just have to wait and see, until then I'll keep taking the tablets each day.

    I think the dr wanted me to lose weight before TTC again because I've had 3 ceasers, maybe that makes a difference.

    Have to go to bed, take care. Mary

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    Hi Mary,

    Have you gotten your results back from your doctor yet?? I hope it hasn't enlarged anymore. How's the weight loss going??

    Thanks for the congrats too.

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