OOPS sorry somehow managed to put this somewhere all on its own. Meant to go into the questions about clomid. An that's why I feel I didn't pass my computing exam.....hehehe
Was wondering if anyone has any insight to when best to take clomid. I am about to start taking my second round of clomid (tonight) and just wanted feedback. Last month I took it in the morning and was in tears for the majority of the day and extremely fatigued (besides some other minor side effects) but I don't know whether it was a direct affect of the drug or the fact that I have to take the little blighters if we want to have a baby.
I have thought to trial it at night and wondered if anyone else has played around with the time of day to take them to reduce the effects a little.

Also thank you for starting up this thread for the clomid questions. It is a wonderful idea and I look forward to communicating with others going through the same.