thread: Treatments you take for any illness (non-conception or preg)

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    Mar 2005
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    Treatments you take for any illness (non-conception or preg)

    I thought id start this list incase anyone wanted to share.. you may find other people with something similar, or learn about the effectiveness of medications or treatments.

    For about 8 years I have suffered from 'depressive symptoms' (my doctors words, but I guess that sums it up).. with quite a level of severity over the past couple of years. I currently take Lexapro (20mg) which is a selective seratonin uptake inhibitor (considered to be the better form of anti-depressants). This is the first meds for this condition ive been on, and ive been taking them for 9 months, and things are generally okay. I still have a lot of trouble with uni because of it, and ive been having difficulty for the last 5 months because of recurrent infections (which just make you feel crap etc).. anyway.. In my everyday life, only a handful of people know, and my mother only found out accidently. DP is extremely supportive.

    Sorry if this sounds strange and clinical.. im kinda tired


    ps. I have recently also been trying natural therapies to try boosting my immune system.. herbal supplements and probiotics. If continuing probs happen, im considering acupuncture, its meant to be quite effective.

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    Feb 2005
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    Hiya Kirbay, I dont take the same as you, but am a daily drug taker to ( just not when pg, but I do when BF) I have Multiple Schlerosis, and I inject every day with a drug called copaxone. Its supposed to slow down the effects of MS, I dont find it fun of course, giving myself a needle every day, but oh well I will do anything, if I have a longer life with my kids!
    Its not absorbed by the body through the GI tract ( orally) thats why I have to inject directly into my flesh, and thats why I can take it while BF, as any passed through the milk cant be absorbed by bubs. It can cause birth defects, and thats why I dont take it in pg.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Hi Kirbay

    I too suffer with an illness, bipolar disorder (mood disorder or otherwise known as manic depressive illness). I'm pg at the mo and I am off all meds. Apparently when pg, bipolar people tend to level out, so I hope that is true. I haven't really had any major probs which has been fantastic and I feel great.

    I suffered with severe PND after my two daughters were born (before being diagnosed with bipolar) and was on antidepressants while breastfeeding. Apparently antidepressants are quite safe during pg and breastfeeding.

    I do know the meds I was on weren't exactly safe, they can cause congenital heart defects. I did a lot of reading and research before I fell pg.

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    Hi Kirbay,

    When I was 20 I had a fall and hit my head, xrays showed a tumour. On closer inspection it was discovered to be on the pituitory gland. I have had surgery and radiation therapy.

    The gland was destroyed, as a follow on effect i am not producing hormones (pituitory); my thyroid and adrenal glands aren't being told to work either.

    As a result I am now cortisone & thyroxine dependant. I also have to take the pill for hormones (hence the need to go thru IVF).