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    Well after deciding to wait til my regular doc got back from holidays before getting my u/s results, I got a message today from the surgery saying one of the other docs wanted to see me straight away. So lucky me got to leave work early, unfortunately it was a winters day today here so it was pi$$ing down with rain and freezing cold, especially for those of us who dressed for a regular summers day.

    Anyway, long story short, they think the mass they found is a uterine tumour (I guess fibroid is the other definition...not quite sure, online looking it up no). It's only 1.5cm by 1.5cm but the little bugger is sure giving me some hassles! The doc could feel it when she poked and prodded me. So after almost an hour, she prescribed me antibiotics (incase of infection) referred me to my very first Gyno, gave me forms for blood tests tomorrow, told me I'd probably have to have a biopsy and also another d&c as serious as it sounds i'm not going to let myself get over worried it until I find out exactly what it is and what has to be done to get rid of it. I may also end up having a laperoscopy as endometriosis runs in my family.

    The doc I saw was sooooo nice tho, quite young and was very thorough, got her little book out a few times to check things and look for other reasons I could be getting these pains, will definitely be seeing her again as I felt really comfortable with her

    So I'm considering chucking a sickie tomorrow so I can go get the blood tests done, I know it wont take long but I'd love to take the whole day off just to relax and have a nice long, super hot bath with my new book, slap me on the wrist!

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    Good luck with everything, Em. It sounds like you are in very good hands. Let us know how the surgery and everything goes.


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    Hi Em, I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids two years ago and ended up having surgery. They took out 9 of them with one being 15cm! They weren't causing heaps of problems other than affecting my digestion and giving me a lower back ache. Mind you it took awhile to get them diagnosed - my GP just kept telling me to eat more fibre!!! I'm certainly feeling heaps better now.

    Here's hoping it's just a minor hiccup and you're feeling 100% again soon.

    Take care,

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