thread: Vaginismus

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    May 2009

    Feeling depressed

    I have suffered from Vaginismus for I cant even remember how long now. I think nearly 4 years. Since I was 19. I had the same boyfriend who was my first and only and for the the forst 2 years everything was great! But then intercourse just suddenly for no reason hurt badly.
    We didnt last long after that. I look back now and I see we had issues with our relationship. He was a guy that wanted sex ALL the time and then would crack it if I said no. I think that played a role in my body just saying no!
    I since met the BEST guy ever and he is really understanding. Though we have not had sex for nearly a year now, I have a gyno who is great and a physio who is helping me out with the dialators. Im still so scared that I will have this for life. I cant remember anymore. And I am only 23, I look around at my friend and think that I should be in my prime! I just feel so lost and depressed.
    I used to be in tears all the time about it, now im not so bad after being diagnosed and having treatment, but I just hope it works.
    I find that LOTS of lube helps with the dilators.
    Reading about the Botox is really interesting. I would like to kno how that goes!
    I feel that my body has had a bad experience psychologically, and I need to remind it that ITS OK.!!! That that sound strange!
    I would like to kno how the hypno goes too!!!!
    Please keep me posted. Anyone email me when ever!
    Thankyou so so so much

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    Sep 2009

    Hi Guys,
    I was just wondering if anyone did get the botox done? Im looking into it and having trouble finding someone in Sydney that does it.

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    Aug 2012

    A Specialist in Melbourne??

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post

    I have Vaginismus as well. I'm 31, been married for almost 3 years and still have not been able to consummate my marriage. I've never been able to have sex...so I'm still a virgin

    I'm wondering if anybody knows of a specialist in Melbourne I could see? I would like to find out more about the Botox treatment as well if anyone knows of someone in Melbourne who does this?

    Appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks!

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    Apr 2009

    LadyAlthea welcome to BB. I don't know any specialists in Melbourne that can help but just wanted to say I hope you can find someone suitable and that someone else can pop in here and give you some advice on who to see. I'm at the opposite end of Australia but I'll ask some of the Drs I work with (Gyneacologists) and see if they know much about the botox treatment.

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    Jun 2008
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    LadyAlthea - i don't know if these professionals could help, but here is a group of physiotherapists in Malvern who specialise in pelvic issues. I saw them for SPD. It's called Women and men's Physiotherapy.

    If you're interested in Botox treatment, you need to see a gynecologist. You may need to google to find a specialist.

    This probably is no help to you at all, but I did suffer vaginismus for years (many years ago). I saw psychologists about it with no improvement. In the end, I overcame it with alcohol and lots of lubrication. For me, it was a trust issue.