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    Over the last few years I've been diagnosed with a number of weird conditions, and have a few different medications that I take for them - just starting to wonder how they will affect things for me... will be making a GP appointment to sort it all out, too...

    first of all - chronic fatigue syndrome - seems to be pretty much controlled/cured now, generally I just take natural supplements for it (fish/flax seed oil and amino acids), so not too worried about things there.

    secondly - fatty liver - they don't seem too worried by this one, just have to watch that I don't eat too much of the wrong food

    serum-negative rheumatoid arthritis - doctor speak for we don't know what else to call it... at its worst would cause every single joint in my body to swell up and I would be in so much pain I couldn't move. Taking salazopyrin for this, which I am assured is perfectly safe in pregnancy. After 2 agonizing years we seem to finally have this under control, and have managed to reduce my dosage of naprosyn (slow-release NSAID) from 1000mg to 750mg with no pain at all. I've heard it said that NSAIDs make it difficult to fall pregnant, but haven't been able to confirm this at all

    tension headache - just recently got started on anti-depressents (prothiaden, very low dose) for this, the neurologist gave me absolutely no information at all on this, and made me feel like a great useless waste of space for being 30 and not having children. At my last appointment with him I was still on OCP, but ended up stopping accidentally after that visit, and shortly after we decided that it seemed like a good time to have kids... after 5 years, I'd finally reached a point where I had enough energy to get through the day, could walk and move freely and wasn't constantly going to bed with two mersyndol to sleep off the latest headache.

    Anyone else been ttc with any of these conditions/medications? Anyone able to shed any light on what's safe and what's not?

    Hoping I don't have the usual painfully long wait to get an appointment with my GP.


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    I too have rheumatoid arthritis yet does cross over to have some lupus symptoms but for "medical purposes" Dr has labelled it as RA. The arthritis came on when DS was 4 months old and it didn't take to long before i could barely carry him. It effected pretty much every joint in my body. I was at this point only taking Salaz. which seemed to keep it at bay, but by the time DS was almost 2 I was hospitalized for 4 days to have steroids by drip to help settle it down and also for some rest. This worked and so i was then left on the Salaz. but also taking Prednisone orally until it was dormant, as you may have found it comes and goes. I was advised not to TTC until the arthritis was laying dormant incase it flared up as they just can't predict how your body reacts with a pg.

    When we decided to TTC i came off the prednisone but still took Salaz as it is fine to take in pg. After close to 12 months TTC i was then taken off the Salaz. as i was going through IVF and Dr believed this to be a part of the factor as to why i was not concieving...among other things. My Rhuematologist has said it will be fine to use whilst b/f again if i need it. I also have a friend who takes it and she was told it was fine during pg as well (she has been pg and b/f twice while taking it) .

    Good luck getting in to your GP and getting some answers soon.

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    I'm thinking the biggest problem at the moment is the naprosyn... I think I need to get off it to conceive, but I think that without it, I'm going to have trouble... today is wet and miserable and I'm not in pain, but I do have uncomfortable knees - that just on the edge of being arthritis pain feeling, if you know what I mean!

    from what my rheumy says, even though the salazopyrin is safe in pregnancy, he assumes I will want to stop!

    the GP appointment I had was pretty horrid, but it wasn't my normal one - I wasn't even going to talk about ttc with this one, but he asked about all the meds on my file, and I just couldn't lie when he asked about the pill - argh!

    I'm thinking that I will try to grab another appointment with my regular GP soon - and I see my rheumy at the end of Feb... he'll probably tell me off for not contacting him when we decided to ttc, but even if I called now, I doubt I'd get an earlier appointment!

    the funny thing about this whole ttc thing - it's bringing to light all sorts of people who actually understand my condition and knew where I'm at - so even if it does take ages to get pregnant, I do appreciate all the people I'm coming into contact with!

    thanks for dropping in, kas, hope you stay well.


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