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Thread: Wonky cervix - will this mean a C. Section?

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    Default Wonky cervix - will this mean a C. Section?

    (dont mind if this needs to shifted by mod to VBAC)

    I am expecting #2 in the new year, and trying to find out what birth options I have and what I would like to choose.
    I have a DS who was born C. Section 5.5yrs ago. It was elective, as we knew from early on that he was in a breech posistion and was not budging!
    A few months ago I had a tube dye test (where they put the dye in to see if tubes and ovaries are healthy and clear). The Dr had slight difficulty placing the needle (or whatever they use) in at first because my cervix was not straight ahead, it was off to the side. Once he had placed it and released the dye, he showed me how it looked. The opening (cervix) up to my uterus was at a sort or 2 or 3 o`clock position rather than a 12o`clock place .And then my womb was lying on a funny angle too - actually looked like it was the shape of how DS had been lying. So I wondered if he had stretched it to that shape or perhaps it always was that way, hence why he was in his side breech posistion.

    So, after saying all this, what I wanting to know is will this make me more likely to need another c.section, or have any ladies had a similar placed cervix and gone on to have a natural birth?

    The Dr who did the dye test said it was not a common place for the cervix to be.

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    So...nobody else has a weirdly placed cervix or knows anything about how this may affect bithing?

    I have already tried googleing to find out more, but cannot seem to find anything. Its seems to only be retroverted wombs that come up in my search...

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    I'm not really sure about this, but my cervix is generally pointing to the side a bit and I had a baby vaginally a few months ago...

    I should think that it would only be an issue if you cervix were 'fixed' in place somehow

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