thread: Your experience with hand foot and mouth?

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    Nov 2005
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    Question Your experience with hand foot and mouth?

    Have your kids had it?

    Can you tell me the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment...any hints etc?

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    Jan 2009

    Blisters (fluid filled whitish) on hands, feet, mouth and sometimes nappy area. Sometimes on all areas, sometimes only some.
    General unwellness - runny nose, bit off.

    That's basically it.

    It's viral so there is no treatment that I know of, just runs it's course. It is very contageous in the blister stage - don't pop them as it is the fluid that passes the virus on.
    It is easily passed via mouthing - one child mouths something that another then does the same to. Shopping trolley handles are a good example.

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    Dec 2008
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    high fever, vomiting then 2 days later blisters on sole of foot palm of hand inside mouth around lips and occassionally on nappy area.

    treatment, panadol and symptomatic treatment,

    only the fluid inside teh blisters in infectious.

    my DD ahs had it twice, she is only now getting rid of teh last of her blisters.
    hers also started as a rash or red dots then next day was blisters the school found them

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    Jul 2007

    My DH actually had it recently. My DS never caught it we were lucky not sure where he picked it up from.

    The symptoms he had were a high fever and chills (felt like he had the flu). We actually gave him flu medication lol.That lasted about 1-2 days and then his hands started getting little red dots which filled with fluid. His feet ached and he thought it was because he was walking in new shoes and when I mentioned hand, foot and mouth he had a look and sure enough the same little red fluid filled spots. He had a sore throat which the doctor said was little blisters and then he got a small patch on his chin where a goatee (sp) would be.

    The doctor (not our usual out of hours) refused to believe it was hand, foot & mouth because they only keep records of cases in children and not adults and as DS didn't have it DH couldn't have it. Swabs revealed it was. He had it mid March and the blisters all dried up in approx 7-10 days, but then all the blisters turned into dry skin and even now has to keep exfoliating his hands and feet as the dry skin is still peeling (sorry TMI). He felt very tired and was a bit off as the blisters itched and hurt. He was prescribed canesten cream and a steroid cream as the doctor originally mis diagnosed can't say if it helped or if followed its own natrual cause.

    Hope this helps even though it was an adult case.