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Thread: Zoloft and mini-pill/contraception.

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    Default Zoloft and mini-pill/contraception.

    One of my freinds has just been told that she can't take the mini-pill because she is on Zoloft and it wouldn't work. Is this true?
    I think her Dr is a bit dopey because she also told her that she couldn't get pregnant while she is breastfeeding which I know is crap because I did and I also know of a couple of people who have got pregnant while on the mini-pill and BF.
    Has anyone used contraception on Zoloft? What type?

    I would really appreciate any information because I'm a bit worried about her. She already has 2 children under 2, PND and a really unsupportive husband so I doubt that she would cope well with another pregnancy.

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    Apparently the minipill is an all progestin (sp?) pill and can cause depression. I read a post on another forum and it said that once this ladies dr changed her pill her depression cleared right up.

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    i had taken zoloft prior to falling pg for depression but when pg suffered panic attacks so was given cipromil which i weaned myself off by the time DD was born - went back onto cipromil & dr said it was ok to take with the mini pill - zoloft wouldnt be as effective (never did ask why)

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    I took Zoloft in conjunction with Levlen ED (regular pill) for quite some time........

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