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    Do you feel you know your children before they are born?

    Like have you dreamt about them and felt you knew them long before conception and birth?

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    I know my daughter is around me all the time, she has been for the last year or so. Both her and my son have come to me in dreams, meditations etc. My friends have seen both my daughter and son and are starting to see my daughter a lot more, which probably means I'll be starting IVF sooner rather than later.

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    Yes, with all of my pregnancies even my precious Angel...
    I have felt like we have bonded prior to birth & know each other/met in previous life cycles!

    I knew who they were when they were birthed up onto my chest...

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    I did with Jack, I even knew I was having a boy from a month before conceiving (and even more so from the day I got the BFP). And I knew I was pg before the BFP, not from symptoms, I just knew. Sadly with Tom I just didn't seem to have the same connection and didn't even know what gender the baby was. I didn't get to know him until after he was born. I think it was to do with being so tired and unwell during the pg, and having so much of my energy diverted by Jack and working etc, so that my instincts were not working properly. I really wish I could have that pg over again - minus the illnesses of course!

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