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    Sep 2007
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    I believe that I have seem someone channel. At a meditation group that I visited the lady that lead the group seemed to do channeling. It caught me by suprise the first time I saw it as I was not expecting it. Usually I'm sceptical about this but I know this lady outside of the group and she doesn't seem the type to fake it.
    Has anyone seen /done channeling before?

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    Oct 2006
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    Hi Rosehannah
    What exactly is channelling??

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    Hi Rosehannah,

    I've been to a few different people who have channeled and it's so interesting. I definitely believe that it's a gift some people have, although that said there are also alot of people claiming to have it too!

    Adkins - channeling is when a person has the ability to "tap into" what is usually a spirit guide (sometimes called an "ascended master") and give readings or information from that spiritual source.

    If anyone has seen The Secret (the original one) there is a lady named Esther Hicks who channels a guide called Abraham (although Abraham is actually a collection of guides but one name is easier i guess!). Alot of original information about the Law of Attraction came from Abraham's channelings

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    Mar 2007

    I've always felt a very strong bond with my guide who I believe is named GILO. After years of having this sense of him around me I wanted to know what he looked like. So each night before falling asleep I asked him, and what I saw was a man sitting crosslegged in the desert, a hood covered his face and he appeared to be levitating. This was back in 2005 and that summer I was at Byrons Crystal Castle and I found a card that was the exact image I had seen of my guide. On the back of the card it even says GLO. You have to see it to believe it so will try and scan it when I can so you can take a look.

    So I know bits and peices about channelling but that was a while back and its definatley something you dont take lighthandly.

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    Its interesting ah!!

    its great when a guide comes through giving information about specific things on our world. It is known as Inter-dimensional two-way interactive communication!!! Too much of a mouthful right?? lmao!!!

    If your gut feeling says it was real, then go with that.

    adkins_81 Channeling can basically be defined as the process of receiving and relaying information from an outside entity while in an altered state of consciousness. The consciousness level varies from individual to individual, from deep trance to a very light meditation-like state. the channeler must go into this altered mental state to get in "synch" or reach a compatible vibrational level with the entity to be channeled. The medium can channel various forms of spirit - and higher beings. Very interesting!!

    There are many forms of channeling though, this is called Trance channeling.

    Rosehannah, I have met one of my guides she is a old Indian lady from India, hence my excitment over the girls name I have picked out!!!