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Thread: I bought a crystal today, now what?

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    Question I bought a crystal today, now what?

    and it is the first time I have ever done that. I have always looked at them and said it wasn't for me but today I saw one and just picked it up and started to rub it in my hands. It kind of felt warm (the shop was freezing) and felt really nice. I picked us some other stones but they felt cold and hard. So I went back to my original stone and it felt really warm and lovely.

    So I bought it, it seemed to be the right thing to do, however I have never bought a crystal and have no idea what to do with it. Can anyone help me out? If it helps it was a Aqua Lemuria, a clear, pale blue obsidian.

    (mods I hope this is in the right place)

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    Good idea to cleanse it first - you can do this by holding it under running water, or leaving it out in moonlight, or by visualising white light to go through it, if you channel energy (with your hands) or do reiki you could also push some energy into it that way to clear it. That removes the imprint of anyone else who's been near the crystal in its time in the shop.

    After that I suggest just spending time with it near you, to get a sense of what it's for, why it is in your life. I have found that the crystals that have really sought me out (so to speak) help me to understand and get clear on what it is I need to be doing/focussing on to develop myself/heal at that time. Does this make sense to you? For example, I had this black crystal heart launch itself at me last year, just before my cancer diagnosis, and I rapidly realised it would help me to stay centred and not get lost in all the emotionality of the process I was going through. I carried it with me the whole time as a reminder of the lessons I was learning.

    It can help to 'read up' on the qualities or properties of the crystal, but don't rely on that. Instead use your own intuitive sense/psyche tell you why it's in your life & how it will help you. HTH

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    Also with crystals, I find that if they come to me for a reason, then they will suddenly break or get lost ... I had a desire for moonstones a few years ago, and usually about 3-4 months after I got one it would either crack or get lost. I figured that they come into our lives and leave our lives when they are not needed.

    I either wear mine as jewellery, or put it in a little bag and carry it with me, and fiddle with it

    Enjoy your stone!

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    I usually cleanse all of mine, put them in my fave pot plant (in the dirt), let them sit in the moonlight and then when I feel they're "done" I then wash them in salty water.

    Then they either go in my bra, under my pillow, under my bed or wherever it feels right for them to be.

    Aqua Lemuria is a rare type of Obsidian that's only found in the volcanic mountains of Sumatra an Indonesian island. Its energy is of the water element and is considered soothing and feminine. Activates the Heart and throat chakras, aiding in accessing the hearts wisdom so you can express and act upon it. Aqua Lemuria is another stone of unconditional love and is also a good aura balancer. It is believed to retain information from the lost continent of Lemuria which vanished into the pacific. Aqua Lemuria can aid one in downloading ancient knowledge from Lemuria and other lost civilisations...

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    wow - thanks ladies

    I was in the car when I read this so no access to moonlight or water so I held it in my hand and imagined white light going though it and pushing my energy though it. I don't know what else to call it but I do that with my kids and it calms them down so I guess you might call it reiki. Anyhoo, when I did that I felt really warm in my chest near my heart and then the stone started kind of vibrating or pulsing. Is that normal? I've never tried to do that before so I didn't know what to expect.

    I'm keeping the stone close to me at the moment and just rubbing it with my fingers every now and then. I think I might have to read up on it a bit more.

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