Hi girls,

Not sure if any of you talented ladies will be able to help me but figured it is worth a try. (sorry in advance if this becomes to long)

I had a reading done a few weeks ago, this included having my spirit guide drawn which was amazing to see. Anyway back to topic, the clairvoyant was seeing my pa (who I was very close to) she was giving information to me that was coming from him. Anyway as it hadn't come up during the reading I asked the question do you see my having anymore children. She then said "oh that makes sense your pa is standing with a pram with a baby girl in it' she then said that she was seeing that as new beginnings.

Now I hadn't told her that I had children already, how many or that they were all boys. So I have taken that to mean my little girl is still waiting to be born. However since the reading I am now wonder if what she was seeing was my first pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage. I guess my question is would she have been able to tell.

At the moment DH and I are in deep discussions on whether to have another baby. He isn't at all keen and I would love a 4th.

So after all that I guess I am wondering if I had told her about the miscarriage would that have made a difference to her interpretation of the baby in the pram.