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    Just wondering what everyone thoughts are on telepathy.

    Quite often, between my husband and myself and quite often our daughter too, I can hear what they are saying to me without even them saying a word.

    Such as I will hear them say something and answer or react by performing a task yet they havent said anything. When it first started happening it really freaked me out as DH and I would argue the point out that we hadnt said anything. Luckily for me he believes in this kind of stuff, so it's quite easy now. That said it hasnt happened for a while.

    My daughter also says stuff too, picking up on our thoughts. It's like we can sometimes read each others minds, it always happens when we are pre-occupied and not looking at each other.

    Also sometimes, going on a different tangent, I get a sweet smell around me while going to sleep. And when I hit 6 weeks of pregnancy I had a weird dream which I cant really remember, I just remember a gold colour and me holding on and protecting my 2 babies, yet we had no real form in the sense of a picture just a more kind of aura thing, I woke up thinking that I had made the motherly connection with them.

    I hope this is the right forum.


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    Yep I believe! Sometimes I can see what my DD is thinking, it's like I see it in a thought bubble 'blob' next to her head with a picture in it! And when she plays, which hand is this in, I can pick it every time cos I see her thinking it LOL. Not so good with my DH (mostly cos his head is a crazy place full of impulses rather than calm thoughts LOL) but I do try to 'reach out' and find him in my mind when we are separated at the shops. Often he will ring me at that exact moment LOL. I have another friend who is really easy to read like my DD too. My sister and I get each other on the cosmic telephone, you know when you are thinking of each other at the same time then one calls. I reckon it's easier with people who have clear, uncluttered auras, it's like they send out a stronger signal.

    Helen, re the sweet smell - I've had that (to me it smells like roses or church incense) and I believe it's when your guides/angels are close and they want you to make a conscious connection.

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    Mary is spot on re the uncluttered aura and the sweet smell being your guides/angels. Telepathy is amazing, I have one friend in particular who always know if there is something big going on in my life. At those times she just cant get me out of her head, dont know if its me sending out telepathic vibes or if its her, but its a really wonderful bond we share, and our children have an uncanny connection too, my DD loves her eldest son, and when her youngest one was having surgery, my DD slept for the same amount of time as he was under anesthetic..and it wasnt her usual sleep time either, she slept for 3.5 hour straigh....freaky!

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    My Man often hears things I think, so a lot of the time I don't verbally ask, he just hears it telepathically and answers (either verbally or telepathically- when verbal, he tells me not to yell at him! (Jokingly)
    I used to hand him his mobile a lot (before it would ring) and tell him who was about to call him. To start with, that freaked him out, but then he got used to it.
    I also managed to somehow give his old boss the feeling that someone had smacked him across the back of the head, because he said something really mean, even though I was in another room (but within view). I think that was my favourite thing I have ever done, becuase it was rather unexpected.

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    I believe in it too, my DP isn't as open to these things but it is amazing the amount of times he says things that I am thinking & vice versa.

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