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    I posted a thread a few weeks ago but seems to have been lost when BB went down last week.

    Anyway... the thread was about an older man standing in my kitchen and also out the front of the house. Anyway... nothing really odd has happened until the weekend. I was in the laundry and bent over to pick up some washing and I felt "something" touch my back. It was strange, it was almost like something rolled down my back or something. DS was in the lounge watching TV and DD was playing in the kitchen, so there was noone around me and nothing around that could have caused that feeling. Where I bent over is only 1m away from where I see this man stand. So I was thinking maybe it was him? The next day I was in the lounge room folding some washing and the exact same thing happened

    What on earth is happening? Maybe I am just going nuts but what if it's the man I see?! I don't feel threatened by him at all. Maybe he just wants me to do his washing?!

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    Is this man someone you recognise? He is most likley trying to let you know that he is there. They say sometimes spirits, instead of crossing over, they hang around and become lost. It may be that this spirit is lost, or it may be that he is there to watch over you. Either way, he can't hurt you. If he bothers you, ask him to go to the light. If he has been lost, this will help him along his way, and if he is there to watch over you, he can return after he has gone to the light.

    Always (mentally) surround yourself with white light for protection and ask only those entities who serve your highest good to surround you.

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