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Thread: Woke up today with a 'scared' and 'watched' feeling, what is it?

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    Default Woke up today with a 'scared' and 'watched' feeling, what is it?

    This morning I woke up feeling really uneasy. I have felt scared; scared to walk to the kitchen, the bathroom...while having a shower I got the biggest tingle down my spine like someone was watching me. I have texted DF and told him to just be careful today, as I feel like something bad is going to happen. That's the only way I can describe it, I just keep looking over my shoulder and getting chills and feeling really uneasy and frightened. II cannot remember having any dreams last night, which is odd becase I will always remember my dreams, but I have the *feeling* that I had a dream, I just cannot remember it. I know it's vague but can anyone help?

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    No advice hun just a big having my own dream issues making me feel a bit off... hopefully everything is ok.

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