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Thread: After a D&C

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    kirsty Guest

    Default After a D&C

    I was just wondering if anyone else suffered from a really sore jaw & neck after having their D&C.

    I had mine done Thursday nite after speckle's birth as I had retained some of my placenta, & by Friday morning my neck & jaw muscles were killing me, they are still sore today although not as bad. But I'm just wondering how long it might hang around for as it is bugging the hell out of me.

    Thanx to anyone that can help

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    brodes80 Guest


    so sorry for your loss kirsty. what a cruel twist of fate to have your beautiful speckle taken by a freak of nature like that.

    about the sore neck/jaw, maybe you strained the muscles while in labour? I know when delivering you can pull muscles in wierd places and not be aware of it at the time. hopefully won't last long.

    again words can't express my sympathy at this sad are a very brave lady. you and your family are in my thoughts. please take especially good care of yourself. ((hugs))

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    Did you have a general anaesthetic while the placenta was removed? i had a general while I had mine removed and my throat was sore from the tube down my throat.

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    Hey Kirsty.
    When I look back, I found that when my baby "died" I began to get really funny aches and pains all over (I had a missed miscarriage). Lots of joint pain, particularly around the hips and lower back, which I have never had problems with.
    I found 3-4 trips to my osteo fixed me up, but it was all pretty strange.

    Perhaps there is just something there out of alignment? Have you got someone to see about this?

    Look after yourself please.


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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    Heya Honey.
    Did you have a general?...After my second D&C (under general) I got a really big headache and my shoulders felt really stiff and sore as if I had slept funny. I thought it might have been the type of general they used, but this didn't happen the other two times and the same type of general was used all three times so they just put it down to the way I was lying while I was under (the position of my head).
    I don't know if it was the same thing for you but it does sound similar.
    Take care Sweets!

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    kirsty Guest


    Thanx guys, I was thinking it was the way my head & neck must have been positioned while I was under the general anaesthetic, seems to have disappeared now so that is good. Throat is still a bit scratchy though.

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    Kirsty, glad it's gone now.
    I tend to have a 'weak' throat so when under generals I tend to lose my voice for a few days after a few days of sore throat.
    Unfortunately, it's something I'm used to now.

    Take care

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