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Thread: Chemical Pregnancy?

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    Question Chemical Pregnancy.

    Just so everyone knows, i did have a chemical and have had a numerous amount of them, i will be getting some testing done. Will let you all know how i go.

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    I would start thinking the worst, just yet. You are still getting a line. If you are to have a chem pg, there is little you can do, but you are not bleeding, so that is a good sign. I will hold onto hope for you and pray when you see a Dr and get a BT you have nice high hcg levels.

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    Just because it's a feint line it does not mean you are about to lose the pregnancy. Stop testing and wait til you see your doc. If it is a chemical pregnancy bleeding could start at any time.

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    Hi LittleLinda. What makes you say that this pregnancy wont last?
    I would wait until after your af is due to test. Let us know what the doc says.

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    Hi there Ladies,

    Thank you for responding. The reason i suspect the worse is because i am getting negatives on tests like First Response and confirm etc that measure 25 and am only getting faint lines on test's that measure 10, which to me means my levels are not high and i dont think will ever get high as i have been seeing these lines for 10days now so i am pregnant but just a little pregnant if that makes sense. I had the same thing happen to me in Aug but i did just assume i was pregnant and left it at that until i started bleeding and my world come tumbling down. So, this time i am very prepared and i know that the pregnancy will not last but the pregnancy is still holding on. So, what i would like to know is if anybody has been through a similar situation that has possibly had a healthy pregnancy? i know it is probably not possible but no harm in asking.

    THank you again ladies, Linda xoxo

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    Hi Linda,

    I really hope your little bean sticks.

    I'd not heard of chemical pregnancies before, but wish you heaps of luck and send plenty of sticky vibes your way! Good luck fingers crossed

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