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    tiggy Guest

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    I have a little angel
    I hang upon my tree
    He reminds me of another that
    I cannot touch or see.
    As I place my lovely angel midst
    the sparkling lights on high
    My other little angel roams the
    dazzling, star lit sky.

    As I celebrate at Christmas time
    God's child who came to Earth
    I think back to that special day-
    My own beloved child's birth.
    As long ago, the world was shown
    A wonderous star above,
    within my heart there shines a light
    of pure undying love.

    Perhaps for one, he'll put aside
    his thoughts of heavenly things,
    remembering this time on Earth
    he'll soar on shimmering wings.
    Join little ones with shining eyes and
    thoughts of Christmas glee,
    The holy day, he'll spend with us-
    his earthly family.

    Perhaps we have a feeling that
    our little one is near
    As he soothes the sad place in our hearts
    and dries our secret tears.
    Then he'll take flight on outstetched wings
    for heaven up above
    while we receive the greatest gift
    of God's eternal love.

    Alice Check Beaverton
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    That's beautiful Tiff - I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, and I hope William and your other angel babies, as well as your earthly babies, can give you the strength to see it through and enjoy it.


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    Tiff - that has made me cry. What a beautiful and heart wrenching poem. I wish you and all of your family a wonderful Christmas.


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    Tiff, thank you so much for sharing that poem with us.

    I'm sure that William and all of your angel's are looking over you adn your family now at Christmas time and of course every other day.

    I hope you have a nice Christmas with your family sweety :hugs:

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    confusedegg Guest


    Thats beautiful Tiff,,

    That touched my heart. Merry xmas to you and your family lovey.

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    just beautiful and so meaningful.Thank you for sharing it

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    Gorgeous poem. Merry Christmas, William.

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